As professional Birth photographers in Gauteng, South Africa, we are committed to providing our clients with tasteful, discreet and quality birth images. We are committed to honouring our client’s full requests. We aim to remain unobtrusive and will not intervene in any birth situation. We aim to uphold a professional manner and presence when attending any birth situation.

The Code of Conduct stated below honours our clients, their privacy and their wishes. It respects all birth professionals, birth centres and hospitals.


In honouring our clients

  • We apply our best efforts toward providing an exceptional birth photography service(s).
  • Our services supplied are considerate of the birthing women and respect the dignity of our clients.
  • Our primary responsibility is to our client(s) and we act, at all times, in accordance with the highest standard of personal and professional integrity.
  • In respecting our client(s) privacy, no images are shared publicly without prior written consent.
  • Explicitly nude images are not displayed publicly.

Honouring the Profession

  • We will honour and support the growth of Birth Photography in South Africa. We will encourage and support all other Birth Photographers and aspiring Birth Photographers in South Africa, aiming to maintain a high standard of service.
  • We will price our services ensuring that they are fair, reasonable and market related. We will not routinely provide Birth photography service at a loss or for free.
  • Members are required to wear a navy blue Scrubs top with identification, for hospital births.

Photography in Theatre, Labour Ward or Neo-natal Intensive Care (NICU)

  • Members only enter the operating theatre, ward or NICU with permission from the relevant authoritative personnel.
  • All sanitary procedures required and communicated by the hospital are adhered to.
  • Members do not enter the hospital if unwell – a backup photographer will be arranged in such instances.
  • Members do not touch or move any equipment in the hospital (theatre, ward or NICU). Our best efforts are provided to avoid any contamination from ourselves to the hospital or patient.
  • Members do not touch the client or baby whilst in theatre or NICU.
  • The minimum amount of photographic equipment is taken into theatre. Namely, a maximum of two professional DSLR camera’s with attached lenses. No flashes, tripods or bags are taken into theatre.
  • All photographs fully identifying medical personal will be blurred.
  • No medical procedures are photographed, that is (i.e),
    • Epidural/spinal anaesthesia
    • Making an incision
    • IV insertion
    • Airway suction
    • Administering on injection/s
    • Water breaking/vaginal checks
    • Use of forceps or suction
    • CPR/resuscitation
  • It is our members’ responsibility to communicate to clients that permission be obtained from the relevant health care professionals.
  • Our clients’ medical history remains private and confidential.
  • No other patients in the ward will be photographed, except for our client and their baby. A client’s family may be photographed if requested to do so.

Model release and publishing rights

  • We honour our client’s right to privacy. Every image published is with permission.
  • Nude images are not displayed publicly. On a client’s request, such images will be supplied for private use only.
  • Members use discretion and avoid taking, releasing or publishing images that could compromise the client or the relevant health care providers.
  • The announcement of the Birth remains the family’s right and privilege and thus is not done by ourselves. Any announcements on social media will only occur after the family have done so, and with their permission.
  • Images of medical personnel may only be published or released to the client with their permission. Otherwise, only unidenti able images (such a back of the head or masked face) or blurred faces may be published.
  • Social Media tagging of ANY hospital, health care facility or birthing unit is prohibited.


  • Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. This includes both image theft and plagiarism.
  • GABP Members should utilise legal contracts with all clients to protect both their business and their clients.
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability or other factors is prohibited.


  • Should GABP receive a complaint from any client, hospital or birthing institution, the member in question will be contacted by a designated GABP member to discuss, assess and act accordingly.
  • GABP will not be held responsible for any income loss due to the disbandment of the association.
  • GABP is not responsible for supplying members with business or marketing advice.